SFO + SharePoint = Nostalgia (Part I)

SFO + SharePoint = Nostalgia (Part I)

I’m in San Francisco this week for SPTechCon and can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. Well let’s be frank, I’m always a little nostalgic but coming to San Francisco to learn and talk about SharePoint combines to defining elements of my career to date and more importantly how I crossed over from the media world to the SharePoint world.

KFOG LogoBay Area Radio

Back in the early 2000’s when SusQtech was part of Susquehanna Media (which was part of Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff) operated Susquehanna Radio who was my ‘client’. I worked closely with a team of interactive marketing and web folks to develop database marketing programs. In actuality it was developing a business that spanned 8 radio markets and whose focus was on providing value for advertises via the web. We did contests, giveaways and promotions all focused on increasing listeners, serving clients, increasing revenue and having fun. In the years I worked for/with the radio group I spent a lot of time working with the team in San Francisco and on programs for their 4 stations KFOG, TheBone, KNBR and the Ticket. The synergy of that team was great and we were able quickly come up with ideas and launch them quickly to the listeners (which is what sets great radio apart from corporate controlled crap). One promotion in particular stands out in my mine…”Steakhouse or Gay Bar”. An online interactive flash feature where a listener is presented with title and they have to decide if it was a Steakhouse or Gay Bar…hilarious and a lot of fun…

What does this have to do with SharePoint?

I’ll cover this more in Part II of this post. but Back in 2003 we launched an intranet for Susquehanna Radio to allow the staff in each market to collaborate and work better together and to also allow program managers from San Francisco to collaborate and share ideas with Program Managers from the other markets. That intranet was built on WSS 2.0 and I have been working with SharePoint ever since.

So as I sit here in SFO listening to KFOG (now a much different station owned by a large corporation) I can’t help but feel a little nostalgia about the fun we had and the great things we did. But for now I need to head off to the mornings activities at SPTechCon.

More Nostalgia in Part II

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